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Good writing is not a natural gift.  I believe it is an acquired talent.  One thing is certain:  good writers go far in their career and higher in life.  Here are five hints I learned about writing from reading.


On Writing Well



In today’s increasingly digital world replete with mobile technology and post-PCs, websites are the epicenter of branding programs. To compete in this fast-paced digital jungle, and to be self-sustainable engine for growth, loyalty, and differentiation, brands must be remarkable both offline and online. These are slides from a keynote I gave in 2007 that discuss how products and services need to be branded in this paradigm-changing media.


Brand:   Carlsberg (Denmark)

Ad:         “Bikers in Cinema”

Creative: Duval Guillame Modem

Brand:    Taman (Sweden)

Ad:         “Smoothness”

Creative: Forsman and Bodenfors

Brand:    DreamJob.com.br (Brazil)

Ad:         “Model Massage Therapist”

Creative: BorghiErh/Lowe

Brand:    BBC (UK)

Ad:         “What a Wonderful World”

Creative: RKCR/Y&R

Brand:    Chipotle (USA)

Ad:         “Back to the Start”

Creative: CAA

Brand:    DNB, formerly called DnB NOR (Norway)

Ad:         “Lucky in Life”

Creative: Try and Apt

Brand:    Nokia (Finland)

Ad:         “Splitscreen: A Love Story”

Creative: James W. Griffiths

Brand:    Volkswagen Passat (Germany)

Ad:         “The Force”

Creative:  Deutsch

Brand:    ISPCC (Ireland)

Ad:         “I can’t Wait to Grow up”

Creative: Ogilvy and Mather

Brand:    Chrysler (USA)

Ad:         “Imported from Detroit”

Creative: Wieden and Kennedy

Brand:    Tourism Calgary (Canada)

Ad:         “O Fortuna by CPO”

Creative: Nur Films

Brand:    Google (USA)

Ad:         “First Google Wallet Customer”

Creative: R/GA

Brand:    Nissan (Japan)

Ad:         “Gas-Powered

Creative: TBWA