Marketing luxury is a paradox.  Luxury defies econometric models.  Though the processes by which consumers acquire and consume luxury remain an enigma, luxury brand names and products are highly visible in the marketplace.

I became interested in branding luxury back in 2007 when I used to frequent Dubai (UAE).  It was then I acquainted with research work pursued by Bernard Dubois, Thomas Stanley, Claire Paternault and others.  I even designed a workshop for corporate clients in Middle East and Europe interested in luxury retailing.  I taught an MBA level course on Luxury Branding at my favorite business school in India, MICA, in 2008-’09.

Recently, I promised Hult MBAs at San Francisco that I shall provide them my insights on luxury branding in my BE class.  Though a little late, I am living up to my promise.  This slide deck empirically explores the luxury sector, the status of international luxury brands, and how luxury is branded and sold to consumers.

About Sudio Sudarsan

Sudio Sudarsan is a recognized expert in branding of products, services, individuals, places, sports clubs, music bands, political parties, and movements. As a professional stranger in the material world, he researches to uncover unconscious codes in the reptilian complex of the brain that pre-organize the way humans behave at the confluence of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and cultural anthropology. Sudio teaches advanced courses in marketing and strategy to second-year MBA students at premier business schools in three continents of the world. You can follow him on Twitter @iSudio; view some of his retired presentations at View all posts by Sudio Sudarsan

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