Best Commercials 2012

Most advertising is kitsch; some of it is amusing; much is trash. But, those brilliantly communicated ideas that garner enormous cultural attention amply justify why advertising should not be construed as annoying legerdemain, economic waste, or cultural dross. Here are some of 2012’s brilliant advertisements made for TV and reused on YouTube:

10. Dollar Shave Club, “Our Blades are F***ing Great”

Agency: Paulilu Productions
Los Angeles, USA

9. Adidas, “Take the Stage”

Agency: Sid Lee
London, England

8. Guinness, “St. Patrick’s Day”

Agency: AMV BBDO
London, England

7. EMDA, “Alzheimer Awareness”

Agency: ACW Grey
Tel Aviv, Israel

6. Chrysler, “It’s Half Time in America”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Portland, OR; United States

5. ETN, “Howling Football”

Agency: Ambient Advert
Berlin, Germany

4. LG, “Smart Thief”

Agency: Y&R
Amsterdam, Holland

3. Barack Obama, “Obama for America”

Agency: Bully Pulpit Interactive
Washington DC; United States

2. P&G, “Best Job”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Portland, OR; United States

1. Red Bull, “Red Bull Stratos”

Agency: Riedel Communications
Filmed near Roswell, NM; United States (FlightLine Films)


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