An advertising consultant and researcher, Russel Colley, proposed DAGMAR, an acronym for Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results, back in the 60s. This model, a classic from marketing literature, has stood the test of time even in this age of social media when marketers and practitioners think about evaluating social media investments. I modified the DAGMAR model to suit the present day popularity and fervor of social media marketing.

Impressions are the online content customers see; expressions are what customers do (like, +1, comment, share) after they see the online content. Brands should recognize social media impressions as a nexus to expressions in their overall marketing efforts. It is only through dynamic content, which will engage customers, that brands can drive customers to act, and ultimately co-produce relevant content for profit and growth.

In this age, Sociology is not an elective course. Social media is a great equalizer, and it is leveling the field for those brands that can engage, influence, and lead customers. Today, the consumer ecosystem itself is a content and marketing machine that gets the word out to prospects and suspects in the world. I hope this macro-level tool throws much needed light on how you look at brands and their relationship with social networks.

Recommended reading: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/04/coca-colas_marketing_shift_fro.html?cm_mmc=email-_-newsletter-_-marketing-_-marketing052411

About Sudio Sudarsan

Sudio Sudarsan is a recognized expert in branding of products, services, individuals, places, sports clubs, music bands, political parties, and movements. As a professional stranger in the material world, he researches to uncover unconscious codes in the reptilian complex of the brain that pre-organize the way humans behave at the confluence of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and cultural anthropology. Sudio teaches advanced courses in marketing and strategy to second-year MBA students at premier business schools in three continents of the world. You can follow him on Twitter @iSudio; view some of his retired presentations at www.SlideShare.net/SudioSudarsan View all posts by Sudio Sudarsan

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