Best Mobile Phone Commercials

The mobile handset industry has come a long way from the suitcase-sized device with limited appeal it was in the 80s. Today, it is arguably the most dynamic industry with increasingly specialized computer firms who have entered the market with OS and software for smart phones. Mobile network operators also exert an important influence by demanding manufacturers integrate progressive technologies and applications. With this maniacal dynamism, competitiveness, and rapid innovation, marketers and advertisers put their best people on this fastest-growing industry on the planet. It becomes pertinent to review the best global advertisements of mobile phone manufacturers and providers of this “industry of the decade.”

Mobile telephony is gargantuan. Earth has 7 billion people alive; 4.5 billion of them have active mobile phone subscription. Mobile phones replaced wrist watches and alarm clocks in the past decade as the most ubiquitous gadgets in our everyday lives. An average person looks at the phone a staggering 100 times a day. The mobile phone industry has become like electricity, gas, and water utility. So what of mobile industry advertising? Most of the income of TV and internet come from mobile phone advertising revenues. Given such massive growth and competition, would you say that this collection of advertisements showcase the best of advertising’s creativity?


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