In the 1930s, Ernest Dichter, an American-based psychologist, the father of motivational research, pioneered Freudian concepts on unconscious desires to marketing. He exhorted American advertisers to harness the consumers’ unconscious desires through an intriguing melange of zany ideas and outlandish claims. Dichter believed sexual relevance to ordinary products was an elemental way to exploit the subliminal psychological root of desire formation in consumers.

Marketers and advertisers have come a long way since understanding consumers’ subconscious whims. They have treated consumers with arresting commercials, good-looking models who do not hesitate to show flesh. Today, it is fashionable for most researchers to study what lights up in the brain or how much pupil dilates when a subject watches lewd or provocative images in an advertisement on TV.

David Ogilvy, often called father of advertising, believed good advertisements sell products without drawing attention to itself. Using nudity, sex may be a communication tactic may draw people’s attention, but are you certain that it would help sell products advertised? Shrewd advertisers mix a dose of humor, shock, and other relevant ingredients with sex to entertain and court TV audience. Find below a three-part series of commercials that are censored in the US for sexual content, language, and/or obscenity/threat. Whether these commercials create a product advantage with customers or reinforces their beliefs about products is something you can inform me after you watch these striptease for a world of abundance.

Most Raunchy TV Advertisements:


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