When Coca Cola, a carbonated beverage, can force mental associations to happiness, fun, and ‘real thing’ through their commercials featuring cute polar bears, beer marketers after all should be allowed to create even stronger impact through ostentatious metaphors. After reviewing 100s of global beer commercials in the past 3-5 years, most advertisements, however, were found to repeat the very same elements of hilarity through sex, sports, and other hackneyed attributes that defines man and his beer in their myriad commercials. In this digital age of abundance when human attention has become so scarce, brand consultants, advertising agencies, product/category directors and managers struggle to differentiate brand and communication strategies. Why don’t beer advertisements strive for some differentiation then? Do sex, fun, sports, girls, and humor form long-term emotionally charged relationships and loyalty with beer drinkers? The advertisers may argue why overhaul this grand strategy if this is working. But, is this undifferentiated communication strategy employed by all beer manufacturers really working? Working or not, the video clip presented may keep you warm this winter.

Using tradeoff mechanism (ACA™), MBA students from select b-schools around the world ranked the top 30 beer commercials of all time. Though a few beer companies (Budweiser, Heineken, Miller) had multiple commercials, we eliminated to choose the most popular one per firm. The top 30 is presented in alphabetical order. Which advertisement is your favorite three?

About Sudio Sudarsan

Sudio Sudarsan is a recognized expert in branding of products, services, individuals, places, sports clubs, music bands, political parties, and movements. As a professional stranger in the material world, he researches to uncover unconscious codes in the reptilian complex of the brain that pre-organize the way humans behave at the confluence of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and cultural anthropology. Sudio teaches advanced courses in marketing and strategy to second-year MBA students at premier business schools in three continents of the world. You can follow him on Twitter @iSudio; view some of his retired presentations at View all posts by Sudio Sudarsan

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