The reign of king retail is over. Home video giant, Blockbuster, filed for bankruptcy and was bought by Dish Network for a mere $233 million this year. Unable to find a buyer, Borders liquidated all its 500+ stores in the US, and as of October 2011 has been replaced by a redirect to the Barnes & Noble website, effectively shutting down entirely.

Customers shop for a reason: they have a problem or a need and the retailer should hope to provide a solution for that problem cheaper, faster, and easier. Tesco has somewhat figured that out in its South Korean market, given Koreans’ busy lifestyle and openness to internet-based shopping and home delivery.

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Sudio Sudarsan is a recognized expert in branding of products, services, individuals, places, sports clubs, music bands, political parties, and movements. As a professional stranger in the material world, he researches to uncover unconscious codes in the reptilian complex of the brain that pre-organize the way humans behave at the confluence of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and cultural anthropology. Sudio teaches advanced courses in marketing and strategy to second-year MBA students at premier business schools in three continents of the world. You can follow him on Twitter @iSudio; view some of his retired presentations at View all posts by Sudio Sudarsan

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